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It is difficult to tell precisely when the interest in spinal surgery has developed among members of the Orthopaedic Department of Alexandria University. Late Professor Hassab, was the pioneer in surgery of Pott's disease of the spine. Moreover, he appreciated the role of disturbed intradiscal pressure in the pathogenesis of low back pain and designed a fenestration procedure of the disc done anteriorly. Professor Al-Adwar, has presented a thesis on the surgery of Pott's disease of the spine as early as 1964.

Late Professor A AbelRazik introduced scoliosis surgery in our department through anterior as well as posterior approach. Late Professor Al-Sherief has created an important channel with spinal surgery centers in Germany for the training of spinal surgeons.

Spinal surgeons, in Alexandria Orthopedic Department, has gathered together in the Alexandria Spine Group, to continue on the road of these great professors. We are motivated by the support of our colleagues, the facilities of our 400 bed -orthopedic center to provide a proper training for the young generations of spinal surgeons and to present a decent service of spinal surgery for our community.

On 2006, Mr. Heinrich Boehm and Professor Hesham Al-Saghir came out with the idea of organizing a conference every year on a fixed time with a topic representing one of the common problems of spinal surgery. This yearly conference is a good occasion to exchange ideas between colleagues for the sake of our patients.

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Alexandria Spine Group The 14th conference 2019


The 14th Annual conference of Alexandria Spine Group Pediatric Spine ,27-28 March 2019, Helnan Palestine Hotel,  Alexandria, Egypt


Cranio-cervical disorders


The 13th Annual conference (Cranio-cervical disorders), 28-29 March 2018, Azur Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt. For Registration and accomodation, please contact YG Centre (Dr. Gi ...


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